HP Photosmart C4480 Driver Download and Setup

HP Photosmart C4480 Driver Download and Setup - When you are printing photos using the standard printer, you might need a lot of times to print one full page of the photos. If you want to get rid of that problem and getting the printer that has the fast photo printing speed, you might need to install the hp photosmart c4480 driver since this printer can simply offer you the fast printing speed that you need. you need to know that this printer from HP is considered as one nice and fast photo printer that can help you print your photo in a considerably short time. This is one reason why many people are choosing this printer for their photo printing needs.

HP Photosmart C4480 Driver Download and Setup
HP Photosmart C4480 Driver Download and Setup

HP Photosmart C4480 Driver Download and Setup

You need to know that in term of printing speed, this printer has the maximum printing speed of 23 pages in a minute for the color print. That means this printer can simply print one page within the average of three seconds. If you want to print the full page photo using this printer, you will be able to get the photo within less than a minute. in fact, you can get the average of 40 seconds to finish the full photo printing page on this printer. therefore, buying this printer and installing the hp photosmart c4480 driver will surely give you the perfect photo printer that you need. for your last consideration, this printer is tagged for the totally affordable price so that buying this printer for your photo printing needs will be totally worth.

HP Photosmart C4480 Driver Setup

For those who want to install the driver of this printer without using the CD drive, you can simply do these simple things below to install the driver that you need to run this printer.
  1. The first one is you need the setup file. You can download the setup file online, but it is something recommended that you download the setup file from the official website of HP. 
  2. After you download the setup file, you just need to run the file. 
  3. When the installation wizard has popped up, you just need to follow the things that you find on the wizard to install the hp photosmart c4480 driver
  4. After waiting for some minutes, the installation will be finished and you can start using the printer for printing your photos. For your consideration, even though you can using the printer immediately, you might want to reboot your computer first. 
Operating System(s):
  • Windows Vista (32-bit)
  • Windows Vista (64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32-bit)
  • Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 8 (32-bit)
  • Windows 8 (64-bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (32-bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
  • Windows 10 (32-bit)
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.8,
  • Mac OS X 10.7,
  • Mac OS X 10.6,
  • Mac OS X 10.5

HP Photosmart C4480 Driver Download

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Win7 Driver Download
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